Factors to Consider When Choosing Dementia Care Home in Surrey Sutton

Dementia is a major problem that makes old people vulnerable and forces them to rely on other people to do things for them. It is essential that we provide the necessary support and reassurance to our elders so as not make them feel bad about their health. One of best ways to provide the necessary support on a continued basis is to take the help of a dementia care home in Surrey, Sutton. These nursing homes are not old age homes but specialized centers for providing custodial and medical care to older people besides helping them remain independent for a long time. At St Judes Nursing Home, we provide all the facilities that an old age resident may require. Read on to know about some factors to consider while choosing a dementia home care in Surrey, Sutton.

Why choose us for Dementia Care Homes in South Croydon and Worcester Park

A major consideration while choosing dementia care homes in South Croydon and Worcester Park is ensuring that the staff handles the patients sensitively. Loss of memory and inability to do several things oneself leaves dementia patients highly confused and sensitive. In such a situation it is important that one is not critical of their state of mind and instead tries to make them feel useful. The staff at St Judes Nursing Home is highly professional and well trained to handle older people suffering from dementia. Our center focuses on helping the residents maintain their current memory levels and provide the necessary support for living a reasonably independent life. This is done with the help of a variety of memory aids like putting pictures that help the patients do several tasks independently.

We at St Judes Nursing Home are aware that the level of care required may differ from one dementia resident to another. While some people may require help with even the basic tasks others may need help only in some specialized tasks. Our staff keeps a regular check on the assistance requirements of our residents and provides the necessary care accordingly.

A good dementia care home in Surrey, Sutton needs to ensure that their resident eat healthy and remain fit. It is quite common amongst dementia patients to not recognize foods, forget what food they like to eat, resist being fed, asking for strange combinations or forgetting that they have already eaten. Our expert staff handles such situations carefully and gently.

We at St Judes nursing home are aware of the fact that dementia patients are upset and frustrated with the decline in their mental abilities. Our staff works to make them more secure by creating a relaxed environment, developing a regular daily routine and providing the necessary help in following that routine. Good dementia care homes in South Croydon and Worcester Park develop specialized activities for their patients to keep them happy and content at this stage in our life. Our nursing home has a full time activity coordinator who oversees the social life of the residents and tries to keep them busy via a number of activities. Regular outdoor trips to points of interest and regular games, crafts and other hobby classes are conducted to keep the residents engaged and  happy. Other activities that are undertaken to keep our residents busy movie shows three times a week, access to Skype, a smoking area and several quiet sections for relaxing.

Our daily newsletter Daily Sparkle comes with information about various activities conducted over the years on that particular day with a section on quiz and sing-a long for the benefits of our patients.  Our beautifully landscaped gardens enjoy residents to relax in the lap of nature and forget their medical and emotional troubles. Our specially designed care facilities will not make you feel guilty about leaving your elders in the hands of a dementia care home in Surrey, Sutton..

Travel: The most popular Swiss tourist attractions

Chapel Bridge in Lucerne: The oldest wooden bridge in the world

The city of Lucerne is one of the most popular Swiss tourist attractions. It connects the Old Town and New Town. The bridge is one of the world’s oldest wooden bridges; it is the symbol of the city of Lucerne and one of Switzerland’s most important sights. The bridge has built in 1365th and it is a length of 204.70 meters. The bridge was rebuilt in the course of time often; otherwise, it would not have survived for a long time. Today tourists can buy souvenirs at the water tower. Who wants to visit the Chapel Bridge and Swiss attractions in the region can find numerous accommodation options. The Chapel Bridge in Lucerne is worth a visit.

Matterhorn in Zermatt, Switzerland

The Matterhorn from Zermatt to Breuil-Cervinia is one of the most important sights Switzerland.
With its spectacular 4478 meters above sea level of the Matterhorn is one of the highest mountains in the Alps. The ascent of the Matterhorn requires good climbing skills and is also an exciting challenge for experienced climbers.

Who wants to stand near Zermatt Matterhorn ascent of this unique experience, you need an excellent physical condition, which is set at nine to ten hours of continuous exposure. Requirement is the mastery of safe rock climbing without crampons. Between July and September is the ideal time for the ascent of the Matterhorn.

Climbers should plan for a minimum of seven to ten days to be able to adjust to the altitude. Ascent and descent, each lasting about four to five hours, requiring the highest concentration. The most popular and easiest ascent is the Hörnligrat emanating from Zermatt.

Particularly difficult is the sophisticated north wall, which is rarely chosen. Ideal as preparation for the ascent of the Matterhorn is Rimpfischhorns, especially as an exercise for the exclusive promotion and relegation over rock and ice.

The Riffelhorn in turn is perfect to set the stage for the pitfalls of rock climbing and one of Switzerland’s most beautiful sights well prepared to experience first-hand. Very important for safe climbing in the ascent of the Matterhorn is of course a good climbing equipment.

Travel: Destination Switzerland – Emmental Show Dairyand Chateau de Chillon on Lake Geneva

The Emmental Show Dairy Affoltern in the canton of Bern in Switzerland, you can experience first-hand how the real Emmental cheese is made from fresh milk.

This offer there regional artisans their traditional wares. In the cheese factory from 1990, the cheese is presented with modern production. Of course, you might as well satisfy your appetite on-site. In the restaurant of the Emmental Show Dairy sorts of delicacies from our own cheese production are available. In the attached cheese shop, you can still fill the same then its domestic supplies not only with the famous EmmentalerAOC, but has the choice between different tasty cheeses.

The Emmental Show Dairy is not only a famous Swiss landmark, but also an important employer in the region around Affoltern.

Throughout the year are held diverse folk and traditional events in the Emmental Show Dairy. Here mention changing exhibitions of regional artists, or in summer on Sundays and holidays occurring Senne brunch, where you can taste from 9.00 to14.00 all sorts of cheese delicacies.The Emmental Show Dairy Affoltern is from April to October daily from 9.00 – 18.30, and from November to March daily from 9.00 – 17.00 open. The entrance into this Swiss interest is as free as the standing parking available.

Chateau de Chillon on Lake Geneva

Chateau de Chillon on Lake Geneva is one of the most famous Switzerland attractions. It is located only about five kilometres southeast of Montreux. In an exposed location on a rocky island to the through a 10 meter wide moat, the lake is separated directly in Lake Geneva, and the Chillon Castle is reached by a wooden bridge that replaced the old drawbridge. From the 11th Century, in the 12th century Chateau de Chillon became the property of the Savoy.

Later Chateau de Chillon was the Count of Savoy as a summer residence, from this period are the beautiful murals that admire the visitors in the castle can.The world-famous backdrop of the Castle of Chillon, which is one of the favourite motifs of the photographers and vacationers from all over the world, is one of the largest Switzerland sights and attracts countless visitors.Chateau de Chillon Switzerland one of the most impressive sights, can be rented by anyone for special occasions and thus offers the possibility of Mr. Castle for an evening to be.

The opening times of Chateau de Chillon on Lake Geneva are as follows:

January, February, and November and December from 10:00 to 18:00.
March and October Cillon castle is open from 9:30 clock to 17:00 and from April to September you can visit Chateau de Chillon from 9:00 to 18:00.

Travel: Destination Switzerland – Dame Cathedral, Zurich

One of the most beautiful churches in Zurich is located in the Old Town. The Dame Cathedral consecrated in the year 874, is unique among churches in Zurich a special position. Originally, it belonged to a former Benedictine abbey and was donated by King Louis the German and his two daughters Bertha and Hildegard. Legend has it that a white deer, the two pious princesses led to a particular location on the River Limmat from the dark forest, where the monastery was later built. First, the monastery was a place for women of the nobility, who joined the Benedictines, but could emerge at any time and get married. After the Reformation, the monastery and church fell to the city of Zurich.

The woman at the cathedral takes a special position in Zurich attractions and attracts many tourists every day. Therefore, it undoubtedly belongs to one of the most important churches in Zurich, which is able to charm solely by their architecture. Various architectural styles, such as the Romanesque choir, but also the Gothic transept are among the sights and Zurich not only impress connoisseurs.

The cloister should be omitted in any case: fantastic frescoes by Swiss artist Paul Bodmer tell in detail the story of the founding Abbey, but also report on the two patron saints Felix, Regula, and Zurich belong to the most important sights. Also worth seeing are the five-part cycle in the choir and transept rose window, both excellent works of art that were created in the 70-s by Marc Chagall.

Another work of glass art is the north window, which is located in the transept and Augusto Giacometti is attributed. What would be the woman Munster, one of the major churches in Zurich, without an organ? The King of Instruments, here with 5,793 pipes, is one of the biggest attractions Zurich and impressed by their sound quality.

Opening times:

The Dame Cathedral is from November to March, daily, except Sundays, from 10.00-16.00 and in the summer months to visit every day except Sundays, 10.00-18.00.